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Deployable Autonomous Mesh Node (DAMN) Project
DARN Project

In setting up an Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network (AREDN) in the Las Vegas Valley, it will become necessary to test node locations, of which some will not have power and are in remote locations. To this end, the LV Mesh group is developing a Deployable Autonomous Mesh Node. The design should allow the unit to operate days without being charged by its solar panels; stay onsite for days, weeks, months or years; allow for up to 3 nodes to be attached to the system; provide a UHF link for system reset, telemetry and power management; Ethernet link through the mesh network; and watchdog timer to prevent software lockup. Preliminary specifications follow:

  • Power Source 2 x 20 Watt Solar Panels
  • Solar Battery Regulator Charge Controller
  • Sealed Lead Acid Battery 12 V @ 26 AH
  • DC-DC Power Converters 24 V, 5 V, and 3.3 V
  • Supports 1 – 3 nodes
  • CPU – Arduino Uno with Ethernet Shield
  • Watchdog Timer
  • Voltage, Current and Atmospheric Sensors
  • Baofeng 888 – Telemetry Xmit & DTMF Receive

The LVMesh server connected to Las Vegas Valley Mesh Network, which is hosting this website is being used for DAMN Project collaboration.

Update: Work continues with sheet metal being formed for the top, sides and back. Also the solar charging and regulation circuit is being installed, along with voltage regulation circuits for 12 and 24 volts.

Boulder City Mesh Coverage
View of Boulder City from Red Mountain

Members of the LVMesh group, Scott,-K7RSW, Rick-K7FYI and Tom-KB7HTA installed a new mesh node at the Red Mountain repeater site that adds coverage for Boulder City. The installed node, a Ubiquiti Rocket M5 with a 90° - 17 dBi sector antenna points South East directly toward the center of town. In addition to the new node, Ethernet cabling was also replaced on the other mesh nodes with high quality UV resistant covering.

After the installation, a test of the mesh node was made by driving around Boulder City in Rick's truck, which had a TP-Link CPE 510 mesh node attached. The results were very good, with an estimated coverage of 85-90% of the city. We all agree a mesh node, with an Omni antenna mounted on top of the city's water tower, would be necessary to provide 100% coverage. It would be worth looking into down the road.

Apex Now Has Four Mesh Nodes
Apex Peak View - Live View

Friday November 15, 2019, Richard, KO0OOO and Tom, KB7HTA journeyed up to Apex as part of a team to test the feasibility of a link between Apex Peak and Beacon Hill, which is on North end of the Moapa Valley. The other members of the team Wayne, N7HWM  and Steve, KJ6WCS, drove to a spot next to the I-15 near Beacon Hill, Northeast of Glendale, NV.  On site, Wayne and Steve setup a tripod with an Ubiquiti Rocket M2 attached to a 90° sector antenna (16 dBi) and LVMesh power box.  They attached a laptop computer to the LAN port of the POE powering the node and began looking for connections.

Meanwhile, Richard (photo above) and Tom installed an Ubiquiti Rocket M2 attached to a 24 dBi dish onto a tower and pointed it toward Beacon Hill. After running the Ethernet cable into the shack, attaching the POE and connecting the LAN cable to the network switch, the link test between the two nodes began.

Wayne and Steve tested the link from their location to Apex and into Las Vegas Valley, while Richard and Tom completed additional work on Apex Peak.  The link was tested by connecting to various nodes in Las Vegas and downloading camera photos.  Wayne described the link as functional, but slow.  See the node status page below.

Update: Another trip was made to Apex Peak on December 13, 2019. Joe, KG7OFF, Thomas, KI6CCW and Tom, KB7HTA made the trip to address the 70 cm repeater polyphaser water problem, the Apex to Beacon Hill node failure and other miscellaneous node modifications/changes. The photo below shows all of the LVMesh nodes located on Apex Peak and Joe, KG7OFF.

View of Apex Peak Mesh Nodes
Welcome to Las Vegas Mesh Group
Mesh Map

The Las Vegas Mesh Group was formed in February of 2019, out of the need to provide a reliable emergency data network in the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas. Off the shelf networking equipment will be used with software provided by Amateur Radio Emengency Data Network (AREDN) development team.

  • IMPORTANT!! If you would like to be able to login and use the LVMesh Server contact Tom at for an account. It is a great platform for collaboration.

  • TeamTalk 5 is now being used on the LVMesh network for collaboration and a weekly NET. The first NET occurred on Saturday November 15, 2019, with Richard, KO0OOO, Rick, K7FYI and Tom, KB7HTA joining in on a discussion about TeamTalk software. TeamTalk is a conferencing system, which people use to communicate over the Internet using VoIP and video streaming. The software is proprietary, freeware.

  • Work has started on the new Deployable Autonomous Mesh Node. Information about the DAMN Project can be found on the LVMesh Common drive of the server mentioned above. Comments and suggestions concerning the project are welcome; please leave your thoughts as a document file on the server in the project folder.

  • AllStar over LVMesh has been tested, with encouraging results. A private connection from the QTH of KB7HTA through the Apex repeater site, KO0OOO repeater site, Potosi repeater site and finally to the W7HEN public hub at the QTH of K6FYN was made during the Henderson Sunday night NET on October 4th, 2020. The AllStar over LVMesh private network consists of Richard, KO0OOO (node#1500), Tom, KB7HTA (1501), Rick, K7FYI (node#1502) and Lawrence, k6YFN (node#1503). A few hardware improvemnts need to be made before testing continues.

Mesh Node Status
Upper Potosi Mountain  
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M2 - 120° Sector Antenna 15 dBi
  • Channel -2 (2.397) BW 10 MHz - North East (Las Vegas)
Node Status
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M5 - 90° Sector Antenna 20 dBi
  • Channel 172 (5.860) BW 10 MHz - North East (Las Vegas)
Node Status
Red Mountain  
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M5 - 90° Sector Antenna 20 dBi
  • Channel 172 (5.860) BW 10 MHz - West (Las Vegas)
Node Status
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M5 - 90° Sector Antenna 17 dBi
  • Channel 175 (5.875) BW 10 MHz- South East (Boulder City)
Node Status
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M5 - 6.8° Rocket Dish 30 dBi
  • Channel 175 (5.905) BW 10 MHz - North West (K7FYI)
Node Status
N7ZEV Relay Site  
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M5 - 6.8° Rocket Dish 30 dBi
  • Channel 172 (5.860) BW 10 MHz - South East (Red Mtn)
Node Status
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M2(2.4 GHz) - 6.8° Rocket Dish 24 dBi
  • Channel -2 (2.397) BW 10 MHz - South West (Potosi)
Node Status
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M5 - 60° Sector Antenna 21 dBi
  • Channel 178 (5.890) BW 10 MHz -North East (Apex)
Node Status
Henderson Executive Airport  
  • TP-Link CPE210 - 65° Integrated Antenna 9 dBi
  • Channel -2 (2.397) BW 10 MHz - South (Anthem)
Node Status
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M5(5.8 GHz) - 90° Sector Antenna 17 dBi
  • Channel 172 (5.860) BW 10 MHz - North (Apex)
Node Status
Apex Peak  
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M5 - 90° Sector Antenna 20 dBi
  • Channel 172 (5.860) BW 10 MHz - South (Las Vegas)
Node Status
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M5 - 6.8° Rocket Dish 30 dBi
  • Channel 178 (5.890) BW 20 MHz - South West (KO0OOO)
Node Status
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M5 - 90° Sector Antenna 20 dBi
  • Channel 175 (5.875) BW 10 MHz - South (Las Vegas)
Node Status
  • Ubiquiti Rocket M2(2.4 GHz) - 6.8° Rocket Dish 24 dBi
  • Channel -2 (2.397) BW 10 MHz - North East (Beacon Hill)
Node Status
Beacon Hill  
  • Ubiquiti AirGrid 28 dBm Antenna 20 dBi - Not Confirmed?
  • Channel -2 (2.397) BW 10 MHz South West (Apex)
Node Status
Updated May 8, 2022



Callsign Active Users
KB7HTA Tom - Las Vegas & Lake City, CO
W7HEN Henderson Amateur Radio Club
KO0OOO Richard - North Las Vegas
KE6BXT Don - Henderson
N7ZEV Frank - Las Vegas
W7MVR Moapa Valley Amateur Radio Club
K7RSW Scott - Henderson
N7HWM Wayne - Henderson
W7DGU Don - Henderson
KF7PSM Peter - Las Vegas
K7FYI Rick - Las Vegas
NF7R Don - Logandale
N6SFX Steven - Boulder City
K7YWF Roy - Logandale
K7PRW Robb - Las Vegas
N6YFN Lawrence - Henderson
N6YKE Eric - Henderson
K7THB Harry - Las Vegas
KD7LVX Steven - Las Vegas
AA7AU Don - Las Vegas & Salmon, ID
KA7FOO Doug - Mobile
WA6MZW Dale - Las Vegas & Palm Springs, CA
KI7BJV George - North Las Vegas
K7STI Yujiro - Las Vegas
N8BSD Nate - Las Vegas
AI7HT Allen - Las Vegas
N7BDP Dan - Henderson